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The Talent Search Exam conducted by the Assam Art and Culture Organization transcends the typical competition format. It goes beyond mere performance and seeks to discover and nurture the hidden talents of children across India in diverse realms of Indian art and culture. This unique examination focuses on identifying young talents who may struggle with self-expression during their artistic pursuits, offering them a platform to shine and grow.

The Talent Search Examination: Five Groups Set to Compete

  • GROUP (A) -

  • GROUP (B) -

  • GROUP (C) -

  • GROUP (D) -

  • GROUP (E) -

4 Years to 7 Years

8 Years to 11 Years

12 Years to 15 Years

16 Years to 19 Years

20 Years and Above

  • Successful candidates achieving 45% or more will be awarded a Merit Certificate.

  • Include a student photocopy of age proof with Talent search Examination form.

  • At least 20 candidates are needed to proceed the talent search examination.

  • Please note that any incomplete application will be considered canceled.

Talent Search Registration Fee for All Groups:

Rs. 125/-

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