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Here are some potential membership benefits:

A) Exclusive access to cultural events and exhibitions:

    Members will have early access to tickets and events, as well as access to exclusive members-only events.

B) Discounts on workshops and classes:

    Members will receive discounts on workshops, classes, and other educational opportunities related to Assam art and culture.

C) Networking opportunities:

    Members will have the opportunity to meet and connect with other individuals who are passionate about Assam art and culture.

D) Priority seating at performances:

    Members will have first priority seating at performances and cultural events.

E) Volunteer opportunities:

    Members will have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in various cultural events and activities.

F) Member newsletter:

    Members will receive a regular newsletter highlighting upcoming events, member achievements, and news related to Assam art and culture Organization.

G) Recognition and awards:

     Members who make significant contributions to the organization or to the promotion of Assam art and culture may receive recognition and awards.

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After Submission Your details in the membership form you will receive Vip Membership Card by mail 

If you're having trouble getting your membership ID :
Please mail us:
Call US:+91 8011678608

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