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Rules & Regulations on Examination Hall:
Assam Art & Culture Organization

  • Upon receiving the admit card along with exam kits, students must ensure they have all necessary materials for the examination.

  • The examination center must inform students of the exact time they will be escorted to the examination hall.


  • If the examination center requires an examiner or invigilator for the examination hall, it must have a minimum of 45 students to qualify for a free examiner.

  • If the center has fewer than 45 students, it is responsible for providing payment for the examiner's travel allowance (TA) or appointing an invigilator at its own expense.


  • Students must adhere to all examination rules and regulations, including maintaining silence and refraining from any form of cheating or misconduct.

  • Any violation of examination rules will result in immediate disqualification and possible disciplinary action


  • Students are prohibited from bringing any unauthorized materials into the examination hall, including electronic devices, notes, or any other aids not explicitly permitted by the examination guidelines.


  • Seating arrangements within the examination hall will be designated by the examination center and must be strictly adhered to by all students.


  • The duration of the examination will be clearly communicated to all students prior to the start of the exam, and students must remain in the examination hall for the entire duration.


  • Students arriving late to the examination hall may be denied entry at the discretion of the examination center, and no extra time will be provided for latecomers.


  • In the event of an emergency during the examination, students must follow the instructions provided by the invigilator or examination center staff.


These rules and regulations are designed to ensure the smooth and fair conduct of examinations and uphold the integrity of the evaluation process.

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