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The Assam Art and Culture Organization chooses examiners by conducting interviews with the center holders.

To be eligible to appear for the examiner interview, a center holder must have a graduate degree from a recognized university or from the Assam Art and Culture Organization, or an equivalent qualification in any cultural subject.

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Based on the applications received in each session, all candidates are called for an interview.

The board responsible for the task utilizes their discretion to make the final decision regarding the selection process.

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Examiners are appointed to conduct practical examinations at any of the centers affiliated with the Assam Art and Culture Organization.

It is not certain that every examiner will be assigned a center every year.


The recruitment once done will depend on all concerned. We help the center holder and examiner to contact each other.

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The examiner will make their own arrangements for travel and lodging, with expenses to be covered by the Assam Art and Culture organization.

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The examiner is required to arrive at the examination center at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

During the examination, the examiner must strictly adhere to the instructions, syllabus, and rules and regulations.

The examiner must ensure that each student signs the space provided in their presence.

Judge and Gavel

The examiner is required to submit the result sheet, signed by both the examiner and center holder, within 10 days of the examination date. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a penalty of Rs 20 per day.

The examiner must also submit a report regarding the examination center.

The payment for the remuneration bill will be made one month after the submission of the result sheet and all other required documents.

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If an examiner fails to maintain proper behavior in the examination center, "Assam Art and Culture Organization" holds the right to cancel his/her examiner ship.

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