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      In the beginning, the journey of our organization was fraught with challenges. Our institutions encountered numerous obstacles while seeking affiliation under the examination system. However, through persistent hard work and dedication, and with the assistance of our executive committee members, our organization has been able to progress and improve significantly. As a result, an increasing number of institutions from various regions of the country have begun to associate with us - the "Assam Art & Culture Organization." Today, our organization has become a significant center for music, art, dance, puppetry, and yoga.

Presently, we are an advanced institution that provides cultural education of international standards, emphasizing knowledge and excellence. The "Assam Art & Culture Organization" is the foundation for the holistic development of students, not only in cultural fields but in all aspects of life. We are proud to state that our organization is the only Indian board that provides online facilities such as students being able to access and download their ID-Card, Admit-card, and Results.

We are one of the most important and largest cultural organizations in Assam, as well as India, in terms of art and culture. We take pride in the fact that we have numerous authorized centers throughout the country. We offer diploma courses in various streams of music, dance, and fine arts. With more and more candidates enrolling every year, our organization continues to expand.

Aims and Objectives

The Assam Art & Culture Organization has the following aims and objectives:

  •  Our goal is to promote and raise awareness of Indian art and culture, as well as educate people on cultural matters. We strive to develop the practice and significance of art and culture in India and beyond.

  •  to establish and manage cultural and fine arts institutions in different regions across the world. Our objective is to create opportunities for people to engage with and appreciate diverse forms of art and culture.

  •  We seek to provide affiliation to cultural institutes throughout India and conduct examinations based on our comprehensive syllabus. Our ultimate goal is to establish a standardized system for evaluating and recognizing the proficiency of individuals in various art and cultural fields.

  •  We are committed to organizing special cultural programs, conferences, and seminars that celebrate the richness and diversity of arts and culture. Our aim is to provide a platform for artists, scholars, and enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and showcase their creativity.

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