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How to start a dance studio with no money (2023)

Today our topic is how to teach dance class at your home or how to start your own dance academy in 2023

You must know before starting our today's blog

What is Dance ?

to put it simply, to make a series of steps to the beat of the music. DANCE full form : Discipline Attitude New Confidence Expression.

All the steps are given bellow:

1. Train yourself in Dance :

If you are not a Dance graduate and you don't have Diploma in Dance, don't worry, you can also get Diploma Certificate from Assam Art and Culture Organization by teaching as well as learning. The internet is the best source of information to learn dance and watch tutorials like YouTube .

2. Choose a Name :

First decide your dance studio name in unique, othe dance studio should not be same as your studio name. Choose a catchy name for your Dance studio, like your name with dance academy or institute etc.

3. Zero investment :

It is the best idea to start classes at your home, as the space does not require any investment. All you need is to buy Home-theater or Sound Box, Glass and some lights. Besides, you need to spend money on advertising; It is necessary to print and distribute pamphlets. So if you can start from your home then the total investment is very less.

4. Apply License :

After selecting the name and location of your dance studio, now you will need to do the Apply License for your dance studio, License means affiliation; This affiliation will help the students appearing in the examination and your school will also get registered. If you want to register or Licensing your dance studio then click here to visit official sites or search on Google : Assam Art and Culture Organization.

5. Advertise

People will learn about your center through advertising, so distribute pamphlets and put up display ads in bookstores and stationery stores. Advertise in newspapers and on the Internet so that more and more people come to know about your centre. You can also organize a workshop or an dance competition for children in your area, which will help you a lot to get recognized.

6. Hire Teachers

Once your dance studio is doing well, and you are not able to take all the classes yourself, hire outside teachers on a monthly basis.

7. keep polishing your dance skills

There is always something to learn about dance. So keep learning more and more dance steps and techniques and forms, and keep on mastering your skills.

Thank You !!

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